Embird Embroidery Software

Welcome to Embird embroidery Software United Kingdom.

Embird embroidery Software contains Modular Software for Computerized Embroidery, Cross Stitch and Quilting

More than 70 embroidery file formats and 20 machine brands supported. Embroidery designs digitizing, editing, management and more in Embird embroidery Software.

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Embird screenshot

Embird Basic Program – Management and Editing of Stitch Files

Basic Embird program resizes, splits, edits, displays, prints and converts embroidery designs. It works in two modes: Embird Manager and Embird Editor. There are several optional plug-in programs and alphabets available for Embird, expanding its capabilities with digitizing, lettering, cross stitch designs, conversion of TrueType fonts into embroidery etc.

Use of demo version is limited to 30 days or 100 runs. After this period, you must register your copy to use it further. Click here to read about restrictions of the unregistered (demo) version.

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Embird Studio snapshot

Embird Studio – Digitizing

Embird Digitizing software for creation of logos and other embroidery designs. Advanced tools like automatic outlines, trace tool and freehand digitizing. Optional lettering and import of vector graphics (see Font Engine below).


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Sfumato Stitch snapshot

Embird Sfumato Stitch – Embroidery from Photos

allows easy and fast creation of multicolored portraits and other designs from photos. This plug-in is optional part of Studio.


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Cross Stitch snapshot

Embird Cross Stitch

allows to create cross stitch designs, even with outlines, French knots and user-defined fill patterns.


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Font Engine

Embird Font Engine – Lettering with TrueType and OpenType Fonts

Fonts- into- embroidery conversion program. Also allows to convert vector files from graphic software to stitches in the Embird basic program and Studio.


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Embird Iconizer – displays embroidery and image files content

instead of common Windows icons. Helps to organize Embird embroidery designs, photos and images.


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